We are Brave Christians dedicated to making Honduras’ system of laws and government work properly to Do Justice for the poor, while inspiring other Christians to do justice (Micah 6:8).

Our projects in Honduras defend the rights and well-being of the most marginalized Hondurans by strengthening the systems that most affect them, including public education, public health, security and policing, and land rights. As we work to strengthen systems, we also counsel, train, and empower citizens and churches to do justice in their own communities.

To promote this vision of peace and justice, we work primarily in two areas:

While our brave Honduran colleagues carry out this lifechanging work in Honduras, AJS also works from North America to raise consciousness about justice issues in Honduras and to inspire North American Christians to follow God’s call to do justice locally and globally.

Learn more about the vision, mission, and work of AJS at our website www.ajs-us.org.