Our New Home

This building will be more than an office space for AJS. It will be a symbol of our hope that through our prayers, our dreams, and our work, we can bring about a more just society here in Honduras.

Our new office will be a modest, but comfortable home for the over 130 staff members of AJS-Honduras, and for the thousands of people we work alongside: victims of violence, observers of corruption, defenders of human rights, government functionaries, community leaders, and children who are learning to choose peace over violence.

This building has been designed by a leading Honduran architect in cooperation with a talented architect from the United States, with an expert in environmental architecture as an advisor. They have designed a green, energy-efficient building that will steward our natural resources. The building will be sourced with local materials, and designed to reflect its local environment. In addition, the building includes security features that will keep the staff and beneficiaries of AJS-Honduras safe.

The Design

The office’s lower floor offers secure parking for employees and visitors who need extra privacy. This floor has direct access to secure meeting spaces for sensitive or confidential meetings, while the security office serves as the “gateway” to the rest of the building, protecting staff by monitoring all coming and going from the office. Furthermore, the addition of a document vault will keep sensitive legal documents and other information safe.

Our main floor is designed to be an open and welcoming space for all of our diverse guests. Our front lobby offers easy access to meeting and event spaces large enough to host the presentations and trainings that AJS frequently holds. Program offices are separated from this public space by key cards, furthering security.

On our second floor, flexible work spaces can be arranged to meet projects’ unique needs – then easily rearranged when those needs change. Open office spaces promote collaboration, while ample meeting and collaborative spaces facilitate the challenging, creative work that defines AJS.

Our Vision

In the offices, meeting rooms, and event spaces looking out over this beautiful city, ideas will be born, decisions will be made, and coalitions will be strengthened.

This will be an office not just for AJS, but for everyone: We envision this building as a place where people of all backgrounds, rich and poor, powerful and marginalized, Honduran and international, can come together around a common vision and work towards a common goal.

With this building, we put down even deeper roots here in Honduras, committing to being a force for justice in the country for many years to come.