“I was moved and inspired by the dedication, tenacity, imagination, and courage displayed by the staff and leadership of AJS.”

-Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff


The time has come to create space for an even bigger impact.

Today, no other group in Honduras has AJS’s capacity to inspire and bring together widely disparate groups—presidents and at-risk youth, Protestants and Catholics, ambassadors and police officers, diplomats and teachers. AJS is leading them to achieve measurable victories for peace, justice, and transparency in a nation that desperately needs such victories.

AJS’s current office has become increasingly cramped. It hinders our ability to do our own work and facilitate collaboration with others. After a substantial time of prayer, deliberation, and consultation with expert advisors, the Honduran board believes that the timing is right to find a new space that more adequately supports the work, part­nerships, and influence of AJS.


Over the last year we’ve viewed dozens of buildings and parcels of land in Tegucigalpa, looking for a space to meet the needs of AJS and stay true to our vision. In searching for the right place, these have been our key considerations:

Safe and efficient work space for AJS staff:

  • AJS’s staff has doubled over the past four years, meaning that over 100 staff members share a space intended for 40. The current office is spread across four different buildings and staff has spilled into every convening space, handicapping the work and mission of AJS.
  • We need a place with built-in security designed to keep the AJS staff and clients safe as we take bold stands against corruption and injustice.


A place that reflects the core values of AJS:

  • Our new home will not be fancy, but we are excited to use ordinary building materials in a fashion that creatively dignifies them. The people AJS serves must feel welcomed, honored, and comfortable.


Adequate space to convene meetings and present key findings:

  • Accessible spaces to convene meetings with both government officials and local community groups.
  • Space for press conferences as AJS holds the government accountable through detailed investigations and reporting on key findings and recommendations.


Good financial stewardship:

  • These requirements must be met at the best prices so that AJS can continue to invest the majority of its resources directly into the communities we serve.